MIRAMAR DOG TRAINING - Obedience, Herding, Behavior
Welcome!  Miramar Dog Training is based in Half Moon Bay, CA.  Trainer and Owner Marian Pott has been training dogs for companionship and performance for over 30 years. Her  "Whole Dog" philosophy means looking at each dog as an individual, as well as teaching you how to be your dog's leader with motivational training techniques.  All breeds, ages, and levels of training.  And all types of people, too!  Loving dogs is essential, but working successfully with people who want a better life with their four-legged companions is where true reward lies in this profession.
Marian is a member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Border Collie Society of America, and other dog training/herding clubs.  She has trained thousands of pet dogs and performance dogs in obedience, herding, rally, lure coursing, tracking, and therapy.  Served as HMB 4H Dog Project Leader for 5 years.  Serving in Greyhound Rescue since 1995.  AKC and AHBA herding judge and competitor; also competitor in ASCA.  AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  Also, Obedience, Tracking, Rally, Lure Coursing competitor.
Services include:
  • private obedience training on the Coast and in greater San Mateo County
  • behavior consultation on the Coast and in greater San Mateo County
  • group obedience classes on the Coastside (Half Moon Bay) and for San Mateo Dog Training Club in San Carlos (both indoor locations)
  • all breed stock dog training and handling--now training in Sunol off I-680, northeast of Fremont, and also in Vacaville by arrangement
  • aggressive dog behavior consultation and training
Contact information:  Marian Pott at 650-712-1192h; 650-888-7445c
website:  www.MiramarDogTraining.vpweb.com
email:  miramark9@comcast.net

2016 Summer Group Indoor Classes--Thursday eves beginning June 10 for Levels I and II/Skills Workshop in Half Moon Bay at Ted Adcock Community Center--7 week sessions.  To register or to see full class descriptions:  Classes sponsored by Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside, www.halfmoonbayrecreation.org, in person at Ted Adcock Community Center, 535 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay (across from Cunha Middle School and adjacent to Sheriff's substation).  650-726-8297 Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside.

Thursdays beginning June 9, 6:30p-7:25p Level I:  Beginning Basic Dog Training--(4 months on up; adult dogs welcome); this class emphasizes foundational obedience skills and socialization between human and canine and canine to canine.  Family friendly environment but leash handlers must be 13+ and all minors must have adult parent/guardian present at all times.  Observing children must be supervised for their own safety (no running, petting strange dogs, disruptive behavior, or interfering with family dog when working).  Bring dog, 6-ft leash, plenty of yummy meaty/cheesy treats, collar, other training equipment.

Thursdays beginning June 9, 7:30-8:30p SkillsWorkshop--dogs should have a strong foundation of training (having completed beginning/basic level) and be of appropriate maturity to work at this level.  Skills emphasized:  social human to canine, attention, hand signals, on and off leash recalls, heeling, distance stays.  Bring dog, 6-ft leash plus any training collar, treats, toy, long line or retractable.  Contact Marian if you have any questions about your dog's readiness, appropriate age, maturity, etc.

San Mateo Dog Training Club, 595 Taylor Street, Unit 2, San Carlos:  Monday eve indoor group classes ongoing at club building: Beginning 6:30-7:30p; Intermediate 7:30-8:30p--contact Marian for more information or check the club website: www.smdtc.com  Continuing 8-week sessions--check website for current schedule.
Contact Marian for more information and specific training questions regarding above group classes or for information regarding private training. 
All levels of private training offered and focus on better obedience control, socialization skills with humans and other dogs, human leadership.  Puppies to adopted dogs to senior citizens--dogs never stop learning.  Behavior issues include but are not limited to aggression, shy and fearful dogs, destruction, family dynamics, pack dynamics.  Motivational training philosophy.  Performance dogs welcome!
Please email or call about an instinct test or lesson with your herding dog--all breeds.  Marian regularly trains in Sunol on most Fridays and Saturdays.  Sunol is off I-680, northeast of Fremont.  Lessons also available other days by arrangement at Herding4Ewe in Vacaville--call/text or email Marian for availability:  650-888-7445; miramark9@comcast.net
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